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October 8, 2020


To:  All IBEW Local Union # 972 Stewards and Members

Subject:  Collection for Borther Joshua Tucker


Brother and Sisters,

I need to bring to your attention that Brother Joshua Tucker has been off work for more than 6 weeks while recovering from an injury.  Brother Josh is a 5th year apprentice.

It has been the policy of this local union to help its members in need.  Therefore, I ask that a collection be taken by each project Steward and at the Union Hall to assist him during these hard times.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and compassin for your Brother Josh. 

United We Stand,



Troy Ferrell

Business Manager  







State to Expand Unemployment Benefits in wake of Virus Spread; School closure likely to extend


Ohio will be making a series of changes to the unemployment compensation system to assist workers who are displaced as a result of the coronavirus spread, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said Sunday.

The changes, to be implemented through an executive order, clarify that those who are quarantined are considered to be unemployed and would not be subject to requirements that they seek work.  That will also appy in cases in which companies determine they need to shut down operations.

The state will also waive a one-week delay in unemployment benefits and expedite payments, Mr. Husted said.  The cost will be mutualized and the state will waive penalties for individual businesses.

Mr. Husted said there will be a role for the Ohio legislature to work on the unemployment compensation system, but the changes announced Sunday will not require legislative approval.









2020 Office Closing Schedule

Thursday + Friday - November 26th + 27th

Friday - December 25th - Christmas








IBEW Local Union 972 will start taking credit card payments, beginning Monday, Nov 4th.  You will not be able to set up or access the credit card payment website, until Monday, Nov 4th.

Please go to the following website for a tutorial.  






 100th Anniversary Gift Bag Items

There are some left over items.....if you are interested, please stop by the Union Hall to purchase....limited supply of each.


$25.00 Tervis Travel Cup

$20.00 Braclet

$20.00 Mini-Mag Light

$15.00 Key Chain

$10.00 Gift Bag









113 Putnam Street

Marietta OH  45750


Offers IBEW Members a 10% Discount on all work wear (including FR Clothing, Jeans, Work Books, Work shirts, and Work Jackets) with proff of membership.  Be sure to bring your dues receipt with a picture ID.




 IBEW Local Union # 972 Referral Policy

Effective 9/1/2020


Applicants may initially register on the "Out of Work List / Book" by phone or in person during normal business hours, Monday - Friday (Holidays Excluded).  Applicants on their initial registration must provide:  Name, Social Security Number, DOB, Current Address, Phone Number(s), Local Union Number, Card Number and Email Address (If you have acces to email).  After doing so you will be place on the appropriate out of work list / book in which you quality.

Each applicant is responsible for notifying IBEW Local Union 972 office of any changes to his/her address, phone number and/or email address.

Registrants remaining active on our Books will need ot re-sign annually (once a year) between January 10th - 16th. Those re-signing can do so in 1 or 2 ways.  Either in person or online via the website.  Registrants, who fail to renew their applicaiton annually as described, will be removed from the list and must re-register in person or by phone to be put back on the bottom of the list.

Manpower request will be filled in numerical order, starting with the 1st registraton on Book 1.  After Books 1 has been exhaused, calls will be filled using Book 2, then Book 3, then Book 4.  Registrants will be contacted by telephone at the number(s) provided by the registrant.  Registrants that cannot be contacted at telephone number(s) provided or who are unavailable for referral when work opportunities are being offered shall be considered a turndown.  Anyoe that does not bid on a job(s) will be considered a turndown.  All turndowns will be issued a "strike".

Registrants who after receiving their 3rd strke will be removedf from the Out-of-Work List / Bood and will need to re=apply/re-sign either in person or by phone.

Applicants for referral who have been referred and rejected by the employer will not be considered as a turndown and will regain their curent position on the Out-of-Work Book.

There will no longer be a short call list.  A call is a call no matter the length.

The Business Manager is responsible for filling all calls for napower in a timely manner.  Normally this will be done as listed above.  However during emergency call outs, referrals may have to be made outside normal business hours using whatever means necessary.


It shall be the policy of the Local Union that individuals who receive 2 discharges for cause within a 12 month period will be suspended from future referral privileges until they appear before the Appeals Committee for determination as to their continued eligibility for referral.








Healthy Life


As part of belonging and working as an IBEW electrician,

you and your dependent have access to quality health care through the 4th District Health Fund.

The Trustee are always looking for ways to improve benefits

and quality of life for its participants, and recently rolled out the “Healthy Life” program.

  The Fund believes that the preventive care

participants receive during a physical exam help prevents illness,

and has sponsored a plan that promotes a “Healthy Life” style and rewards those who participates.

Click the following link to a ... Healthy Life  



Unemployment Tips 

Brother Nick Anderson has brought it to our attention, that you can find your contact information for Ohio Unemployment by Social Security number if you go to this website:   jfs.ohio.gov/ouc/Processing_Offices_by_SSN.pdf
















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