The upcoming elections are not about choosing a politician or a party,

it is about choosing the right person to fight for your interests

Someone who will help your causes and concerns by spreading the word,

talking to the people and sharing your ideas.

View how the elected official from your district & state voted on legislation that is important to IBEW members:

National Races      

President Biden addressing IBEW Conference

US Senator for Ohio Sherrod Brown  

US House of Representatives Elections,_2024

State of OHIO

94th District Ohio House Wenda Sheard  

Local Races


Washington Co Recorder:  Tracey Wright  

Local Board of Elections Websites  

           register and/or request absentee ballots

Athens County BOE

Monroe County BOE

Morgan County BOE

Meigs County BOE

Noble County BOE

Washington County BOE

Vinton County BOE

         President Kenneth Cooper    

                                                                         President Cooper returning to his hometown

How Prevailing wage laws help the IBEW?  

IBEW Project Labor Agreements help everyone!  

Do you know how laws are made?  

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